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What surprises do you think Epic has for us in the February 2011 UDK beta release ?

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    And it's out, so let's see for ourselves rather than speculating.

    Edit: Nothing spectacular this time, just some patches, updates and cleaning up. (not saying that's not good of course)


      @graylord - that's not a bad thing. i don't expect them to have new features/huge changes with each release. seeing as february is a short month, i don't expect to see a whole lot of changes in next month's release either. if you ask me, they should go every two months releases instead. that way we'll get some substantial changes with each releases instead of these monthly ones. :P



        There have been at least a few major changes to the audio system since UDK came out, inparticularly support for non-2.0/5.1 channel configurations. Of course, there's a significant annoyance in that the system actually follows specs, and if you move from a 5.1 to a 7.1, the channels that used to be rear channels now become side channels .. which effectively makes building things that take advantage of 5.1 positioning compatible with 7.1 impossible.. however, that's how the stupid specs for the stuff went.


          Originally posted by Tom@engineaudio View Post
          I can tell you what won't be in the release, or any other release. Any updates, fixes or general improvements to the UDK audio system! Seriously, There are so many audio updates that we need. Both to the system, and to the documentation. Please remember, audio is a big part of the game experience, and we could use a little consideration once in a while.
          couldnt agree more.
          having a decent audio system would push udk well above every other engine out there.
          or at least some support for 3rd party audio solutions would be good, vst, wwave, or anything else at all.
          detailed documentation would make it more feasable to take advantage of whats there already to create our own audio systems.
          looking at the audio related classes is just about useless, most of them are empty, the ones that arnt dont give enough information to do anything with.
          an example of how to use GeneratePcmData() would open it right up (please mr epic?)


            Where's the "What surprises do you think Epic has for us in the March 2011 UDK beta release ?" thread?