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Creating a decent game with small group of novices?

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    Creating a decent game with small group of novices?


    I was thinking if it is possible to create a decent 3d adventure game (e.g. Dreamfall, Still Life, Indigo Prophecy, etc) with a small group of people.

    So the game won't probably need a lot of unique weapons but it would have to have good in-game cinematics.

    For a start, I have no experience in UDK but I had some experiences making amateur 3d shooters using C++ a long time ago.

    So I was thinking how long it would take to learn how to programme for such 3d games with UDK.

    Also, how long could it take for someone to learn how to make animated models/levels for 3d games?


    In-game cinematics take a lot of work and animating stuff without motioncapture, especially people and conveying them realistically is a even more work.

    Not impossible, but you are going to have to put yourselves into it. It all depends on the length of your animations and character complexity etc.


      I looked up montion capture using Kinect. That seems to be quite plausibe to use for character animations.

      Also, there were some nice levels/cinematics made using UDK by a few people and they said it took them a few months to make them.

      So my guess is that it might take several months total to create in game cinematics from the scratch.