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how to change the Setup icon, and Game already installed.

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    how to change the Setup icon, and Game already installed.


    I am wanting to change the icon of my game, can anyone help me please I do not know where I can change the icon of the Game Setup (. exe) on the UDK.
    wanted to put a different icon that I created, not the UDK Standard.

    Want to Change the Setup icon.
    And game already installed.

    Thankful: Jean

    If you want to create an installer for a PC game you'll have to use Frontend. You'll find it in Start->UDK->Tools->Unreal Frontend.

    The process is simple, follow with the image at the end of the post(link):
    Create your game's profile(in the left panel, click on one of the default ones, clone, and then rename it)(1,2). Then add the maps you want(3). Select the map you want to load the first time(like a menu)(4). Select which languages will be cooked.(5) Click on the Configuration Settings Panel to select your platform(PC/iOS)(6). Click on Script, Cook, Launch, and Package Game and make sure you have Step Enabled checked.(7, 8, 9) You're making sure you go through the every step. Then click START.(10) You'll find your installer in your UDK folder's root. And that's it in 10 steps.

    If you update some sources(add more classes, delete, whatever change), just select your created profile and click Start again. And you'll get the updated version.
    The image is too big for the forum.

    There are a lot of applications that allow you to change an exe's icon. For example:


      thanks for the reply, so I want to change the icons of the game, he's already installed (executable), if possible before installing also put a custom icon ..

      See Photos