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DLC Plans

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  • DLC Plans

    I see alot of this being discussed on other forums and it is starting to rear it's ugly head here. So, what plans do all the teams here have in regards to DLC features. I'm still getting the jist of it, but this seems like a major hit to mod communities. I've noticed that alot of the newer releases aren't including the editors for their games and cutting it down to what they want you to have. Some say it's targeted at console game resales, but PC games are involved as well.

    IMHO, if and when I do get the chance to release a title, I'd prefer to allow community modding ability. Not that I dislike DLCs, some are actually alright, but seeing how I started out modding, I'd like to give others a chance to do the same. So I guess what I'm asking is how do you feel about the DLC debate in regards to your projects?

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    DLC is absolutely possible. Modding community with UDK doesnt seem like a good idea but should be possible.


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      It's difficult to supply proper modding tools with UDK, since tools will be stripped when the game is package - but there's nothing stopping someone from preparing an installer to copy over the relevant content into a UDK installation.