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    Pong Clone?

    Hey all!

    Just got the UDK a few days ago and I've been messing around with the cool features in the editor and what not, so far it seems incredibly streamlined and easy to use.

    Question (and YES I have looked for one so please do not refer me to google/search/etc) is there any "pong" clone out there with a walkthrough perhaps?

    I have coded games in the past at the low level (C/C++) with various APIs and although the UnrealScript documentation and reference page is great, I'd really like to see a simple "standalone" game, simple like pong, created. Using the editor for environment development is cool but when it comes to interfacing my script/code with it I'm a bit at a loss.

    Thanks for any suggestions in advance.


    I've seen various modifications to the base game (UT) with camera manipulation, such as the top-down game tutorial, but I'm looking for original actor classes as my player (2 paddles controlled by one player). Even though it's a simple game it seems to be somewhat of a feat. That or I've just been looking in all the wrong places at 3am :P

    Not that I'm aware of. I don't know if you would see a tutorial for making Pong on any modern engine as the engine is totally unnecessary.

    If you want to make like a 3D pong kind of thing, where you have a top down view, it's such a simple thing to do that I don't know if anyone would bother making one. There would be like two things it has to do: bounce off the paddles, and when a paddle is missed it adds one to the opposite player's score. And reset the ball so like three.

    All you need to do is make boxes move up and down and set the ball to bounce off them, and so some math to determine what the angle it bounces away.


      Here's my dilemma:

      I'm making pong to understand the engine not to utilize its potential.
      I understand the mechanics behind a game like pong. For instance a simple windows API pong clone would consist of drawing 2 boxes and a circle. The circle would be sent in a random vector at a set velocity reversing its vector and manipulating it's velocity after contacting a window edge or either of the boxes bound sizes.

      My problem lies in how to use the Unreal API as it were. I want to create these boxes but simple geometry in the UnrealEd wont do (as it is primarily static to my knowledge). So creating a pawn or actor class is the way to go I assume and spawn in two meshes(?) that are collidable and allow them to be manipulated by the users input.

      My game runs on a 3d FPS shooter though so how do I eradicate a player spawn? I'm sure it's so simple I've overlooked it but that's why I want to do this game. To understand what tools I SHOULD use and not go about it in a roundabout unnecessary way.



        might help you some?