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    Kismet UIScene

    Hey guys, I've been looking around for an answer, can't find one yet.

    I've been building the GUI and HUD for my group project, and I've been trying to make a main menu.

    The setup is for a UIscene to overlay a matinee camera loop that i made as a backdrop. The thing is, I can't seem to find a way to link the button in the UIscene to this kismet, nor can i find an event like "on scene closed" or something. In fact if I could figure out how to get that kind of functionality, that would be great for a lot of other things in the game as well.

    Hope I was clear enough!

    P.S the problem at the moment is that if i click the "start game" button in the UIscene, it closes the scene, and then the matinee just loops forever.

    We're still using the March Build and as our project finishes in about a month, we don't want to upgrade to a later version.

    he. UISCENE already remove for UDK , instead by GFx HUD , you must know the actionscript to design UI and HUD.

    yes , I want to use UISCENE , I have ask this forum , reimport to UDK , intergration again. but so more bug in UISCENE and GFx intergration together.


      As Stevenchau pointed out, UIScene has been completely removed from UDK. I can't remember which build it was removed completely, I thought it was later then March to be honest though.

      You now need to use Scaleform to implement your HUD/Menu systems.


        UIScenes work in the March build. Scaleform was introduced later.


          You can use Remote Events in your level Kismet and Activate Level Event actions in the UI Kismet to trigger them at any point. I believe there is a Scene Closed event in the UI Kismet that you should be able to use with an Activate Level Event action to trigger a level event.