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How to make Dynamic light enviroment updates faster.

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    How to make Dynamic light enviroment updates faster.

    I noticed that my dynamic light enviroment updates really slow on my pawns.

    It takes like 10 seconds to complete interpolation from light to shadow area.

    This is due to the fact my entire scene is really far away to simulate orthogonal camera projection(fov of 5) so udk optimize updates on main characters that need to be updated really frequently.

    What param i have to change to force updates at least every 2 seconds even at that distance?

    I only see a param for not visible ones that seem to be faster than my visible interpolation time.

    I think your answer is here - setting the value of MinTimeBetweenFullUpdates.


      I didn't tryed it before because the name is a bit misleading.
      It seem to prevent too fast updates however is the right param.
      It worked.Thanks.