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World-World Collision

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    yes. Check out 3DBuzz video tutorial series on UDN. They have sections on Skeletal Meshes and more specifically Constraints (what you probably need) all taking place in the SimpleLevel they teach you to build in other tutorials.

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    World-World Collision

    So I am trying to convert a little 2D game I wrote in SLAG (language written by one of my professors) into UDK, but I have yet to learn the fine control I need and am having issues finding that fine control...

    I need to make two objects (then duplicate):

    1. Object one (preferably circular) needs to grows when used by the player and naturally shrink over time (later it also needs to shrink when hit with objects).

    2. Object two needs to have a fixed pivot point on the ground and be able to tilt over when struck by flying objects, but object one needs to collide with object two to prevent it from falling all the way over.

    I have done some basic animation in Kismet, so no problem getting Obj2 to fall over, but how to do it dynamically? How to get it to lean up against another object? I am not too worried about the stuff flying through the air yet, more of this basic physics aspect that I need to get down...

    Any tutorial vids etc that people may suggest for this?

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