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    So with the latest question of 'what happens to player 65?'...would anyone want to organize a time for several people to open up some connections and see what blows up?


      Chances are his connection would just be denied.


        Originally posted by ambershee View Post
        The limit is very much there, you can only support 64 network connections. For the record, in UTGame, even on LAN networking will start to fall apart around the 40-50 player mark. There are likely optimisations you could make on a per-game basis that might yield a dramatically reduced need for bandwidth, but at the end of the day you're working with UDK - realistically you're not ever going to have the playerbase (nor the finances) to be putting up servers with more than 64 players anyway.
        There is loads of 64 player servers for games which are not designed for lots of players, most source games like DoD:S and CS:S have been modded to have 64 player servers and there are a lot of these around...

        I think it's up to the developers to decide what resources they want to use for their game, if I decide that 2x 32 player servers is what I want instead of 4x 16 player should be do-able.

        Obviously design considerations have to change when scaling games, MMOs for example are far more simple than some more complex FPS games, so a large part of how viable a particular game is, depends on the developers and the target graphics and network traffic. UT3 might not support >64 players in a server, but a significantly more simple game would allow more players.

        I suspect it's an artificial limit, I can't see they'd be short sighted enough to write netcode that had a maximum limit on connections, there's just no reason to do that.


          If someone knew enough about the protocol to write a simple text-based client that would make a connection to the server, and manage to hold it long enough to fire it off a hundred times, at least we could test the theory