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    Color Values

    Has anybody else noticed a HUGE difference between colors in Photoshop and UDK when matching either R,G,B or HSV(B) values?

    Try this one:

    Photoshop - H=149, S=37%, B=45% // R=73, G=115, B=93 // HEX#49735d

    UDK - H=149.00, S=0.37, V=0.45 // R=0.28, G=0.45, B=0.36 // HEX#0048725C

    In Photoshop, you'll get a rather rich, dark green. In UDK you'll get a gay Ande's Mint green.

    As a +20 year professional graphic designer, I realize Photoshop has several color settings.

    Mine is set to "North America General Purpose 2" though I can never see much difference in choosing other ones except in CMYK print results.

    What's UDK's color settings?

    Linear--colors in UDK aren't represented on a scale of 0-255, in fact, they aren't represented on a scale at all.


      I just tried by copying the HEX value from photoshop to udk.
      Herk, same problem.


        I thought 0-255 = 0-1 in UDK. I translated the RGB to % values first thing and noticed the problem. I then checked HSV, same problem. I then checked the HEX value, same problem.

        The actual solution I came up with was for color parameters, I no longer give a rat's *** about color matching and guess. I can visualize colors pretty accurately so I'm close enough. However, my final color soluation had a Value of about .1, which I venture to say is quite a far cry from 45%. I can understand a few percent difference but 35% on the same monitor? Something's out of whack.

        For anything requiring true matching, I create a 32x32 swatch in PS.