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newbie, if spawn frequently, why server slowdown ?

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    newbie, if spawn frequently, why server slowdown ?

    unreal script manual says like that .

    if spawn calls frequently, why server slowdown ?

    because I don't know client-server architecture well,
    I don't know why .

    anyone explain a little ?

    Spawn is a very computationally expensive function.


      That's why you use instant-hits for miniguns with 1200 rpm instead of letting them spawn the actual projectiles.
      At least if you are sane, but I guess the developers of AA3 actually spawn every single projectile in order to calculate physical affection of the projectile and ricochets. As a result does the game lag already with 20 players like hell.


        thanks !

        but I am a newbie.
        so I can't understand what you say . [blade , crusha]
        too difficult for me.

        would you give somewhat easy expression for me ?


          I don't know how to say that any more simply. Doing more things requires more time than not? Every time you create something, it has to create a new object, add it to several lists, setup all of it's variables, if it's a networked object, pass it down the network, every client has to create a copy of it. Do you have a specific example that you're working with?


            ok, I see.

            list updating and packet transfer is a general overhead in network game.

            I thought UDN document refer to some special case.
            but now, I think it refer to general overhead.