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Some UIScene questions

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    Some UIScene questions

    I am currently working on replacing the last few menus in my game, but I am having 4 problems.

    The first one is having multiple menus on the same "map". Currently, to get to the credits screen for instance, I am using kismet to close the main menu UIScene, then open the credits UIScene. That is working well. Then I did exactly the same for credits screen to return to the main menu. However, it seems like the button will not work. I have done nothing different.
    I know that "doesn't work" is never a good way to get help, but really, that's pretty much all I can say, nothing happens at all. It doesn't even start the button press sound, so it almost seems like the button doesn't load.

    Then I have the second problem. If the player presses escape, the scene will disappear, the player regains control of the character and can run around. Obviously, I do not want this. How can I disable it?

    Third is a quick one, how can I replace the pause menu?

    And 4 and finally last, for some reason the image gets really blurry on the newer menus I make, yet the ones I made previously are perfectly clear. The image is as crisp as it should be up out of the editor. Any suggestion why this might be?
    (Edit: Realized I probably posted in the wrong section)

    I figured out the 1st problem.