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is it possible? first person rpg?

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    I think fifth person would be:

    You play a random guy, that happens to sometimes see some hero do stuff to save the world. But all he does himself is walk around, minding his daily business?


      Originally posted by Cap_CHAOS View Post
      isn't 5th person just 2nd person plural? I dont think you call it 5th person since you talk about a group of people but controlling a group of people from an outstanders sight... isnt that just any kind of strategic game? I think every perspective has been done already except for 2nd p. cause that is kinda stupid
      Actually true fifth person in that case would be controlling you character from the views of a whole bunch of other characters at the same time. :P


        Multiple cameras is key, I think. I think we should utilize like eight or nine at least. grgcucu you're creative director.


          But you can't look through 2 cameras at once, I mean physically you can, like chicken or fish, but us humans, because I think we are humans even with two eyes, we see one image. So you can look just through one camera.
          Yes, there can be 10000 cameras in a scene, and you can switch your view through any camera, but even in that case you'll see just through one camera at a time.

          For example in Mindjack, you can control civilians and enemies, so you change your camera. It has a camera on every character. Even with that, it's a third person game, because you control just one person at a time, with one camera at a time.

          In an action movie let's say.. Bruce Willis is chased by some bad guys and there are a lot of cameras on the set so we can see the action from different angles because he jumps over fences and cars and blah blah blah.. There are let's say 5 cameras for that scene. And they're rolling at the same time. When you go to the cinema to see the final movie, are you going to see the action from every camera?!

          And.. is that enough example?


            That, my friend, is what peripheral vision is for. Plus think of it this way: a game like that isn't just a game. We are helping develop and hone the critical sense of sight, and as time goes on people will be able to see sideways and sh*t, it'll be totally f*cking b*lls to the wall awesome.


              I think I'll drop my stupid f**ked up project and try to get a team to make the revolutionary 2nd person game, coming packed with the revolutionary gadget that doesn't allow the human eye to form a single image on the retina(maybe destroy the entire eye, who knows.. revolution in medicine too..).

              OPEN POSITIONS!!!
              Plumber/Butcher/Someone that knows how to heck something nicely URGENT!!! We need to show a demo at E3 this year, so we gotta make the gadget.
              Who wanna join?


                I've only heard what you call 5th person be referred to as 2nd plural in Italy (yes I went to elementary school there).
                I've thought about 2nd person too. However, to technically be 2nd person, you wouldn't see the scene/fight from the eyes of a bystander, that's still 3rd person, but from the monster you're fighting!
                Although I don't think a 2nd person plural splitscreen-using zombie survival game will be sanity-enhancing to play.


                  Dawg whatever. Pretty soon we'll be like those fly eyes and see like twenty million things through different eyes. It'll be amazing. You can come on as the doctor for our beta testers in case they have a seizure or something with me and Mr. state that isn't in the US.

                  Secondly I don't think it would be because second person is like "You hit the beast" so it could be seen from some bystander. Because whatever it's hitting would be the object right? It's receiving the action? I have no idea, it amazes me that I'm getting a degree in foreign language sometimes, like now.

                  So dude I'm thinking we need to get some major investors. I want to spare no expense on this, I want like an Avatar budget. We'll make a movie that coincides with the release. Like I want my desktop to have like three souped up i7's running like 3.8 or 4 GHz, one of those quad graphic card set up things I hear about from time to time, and a really big screen. And some rope.