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    Two stories:
    1) I remember this guy and I trying to kill each other. He started off in a tank. I kept (miraculously... I thought) surviving his attacks. I set fire to his tank with an incendiary grenade. He hopped out. We danced about on foot, shooting each other.

    Then I realised that it was Geodav, we were both on the same team, and we were invulnerable to each other

    2) Another time, one of my teammates stopped his jeep to let me in. I was trying to board (maybe it was Jetfire driving?) to get into the gunner's seat.

    Unfortunately, at the doorway, I threw an incendiary grenade instead.

    Anyway, I roasted the jeep, Jetfire and myself. Doh!

    You guys have done an amazing and ambitious job on AFF, and we know it is still in Beta and we played an early version: perhaps there is somewhere we can post our comments and thoughts on the game? The collated (and free) perspectives of a bunch of external UDK developers (also probably avid gamers) from these sessions would probably be useful... like free playtesting


      Certainly, feedback is always welcome, hit us up on our forums here