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Help on bot vehicle behaviours wanted.

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    Help on bot vehicle behaviours wanted.


    If a bot is driving a vehicle between a set of path nodes and the player crashes into the bot vehicle such that the bot vehicle flips over and the bot gets out, how to get the bot to flip his car, get back in, and resume driving along the oath nodes from where he is on the track?

    Also, if the bot car is trapped for a certain time and isn't really moving, how to track this and kill+respawn the car on track and make it resume driving?


    I am trying to use an event called Vehicle Factory Event with the Spawned Vehicle set to MYCAR. Also, everytime MYCAR reaches a pathnode there's an INT set on a named variable caled Location changing to 1,2,3 etc for each one. The Vehicle Factory Event has a node output called VehicleLeft, and connected to that I have a series of Compare INT that together checking whether Location is equal to or greater than 1,2,3 etc and correspondingly teleporting MYCAR to 1 or 2 or 3 and then telling the bot to enter the car, and drive from either 1 or 2 or 3... but this isn't working.

    Does the Vehicle Factory Event work at all?


      How to query bDriving via kismet?

      I have another inkling of an idea to check whether the bot is in the car periodically (often) and if not, send him back into the car.
      Can the vehicle value bDriving be checked in kismet?


        your going to have to delve into script for that kind of thing
        kismet is very limited


          Got it working

          Well I have managed to get a workaround in kismet for how to
          get my vehicle replaced when it flips and the driver is ejected but it isn't absolutely airtight (the vehicle can still get stuck while unflipped).
          I used lots of named variable tricks and set and compare INT tricks.

          I learned some interesting things doing so.
          When I get a moment I will try and show this...

          Now I have something I'd really love to see in UDK: a Condition which is
          for is bot currently driving a vehicle, or even are they inside a vehicle. I don't think kismet includes this. There is an unrealscript bool for bDriving ... shouldn't
          be too hard to wrangle it into kismet(?) I'm not sure... maybe bDriving is a way to define who is a driver (as opposed to turret)... well, late night rambling.


            Report a bug?

            My conclusion and that of others is that the kismet node called Vehicle Factory Event only works for Vehicle actors placed in the level from the actor classes list; it doesn't work for Vehicles spawned by Kismet on a note/pathnode.

            It should do both. How to report this?


              I'm having the same problem. Vehicle Factory Event doesn't seem to do anything...


                The Vehicle Factory Event only works for vehicles spawned from the content browser, like you said. But now I can't use multiple seats that way. Why does it take away the multiple seats function?