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Laying out maps... officially?

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    Laying out maps... officially?

    Is there any official way to make map layouts? I was wondering because I want to just pre-plan my maps (since I never do ).

    In UT3 there was an official way specially since it had a specific style of gameplay, as for whatever game your making.. not really, it all depends what style of gameplay it is.

    Slow/Fast/Puzzle etc...

    However usuall tips.

    Layout your map like any other blue print. Draw it out from top view to see the overall flow and hicupps of the map, then have an artist or yourself paint a picture of the map in perspective to get the overall theme and art style - direction.

    Other things to note :
    * Dead Ends are annoying, unless it has something benefiting from it.
    * Risk vs reward areas are important

    -- If i screwed up my spelling sorry i wrote this fast! : P


      Okay, thanks.