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    Originally posted by ambershee View Post
    They're not selling it. Do you just ignore everything I type?
    ?. Of course they arent selling it its a tool kit released to implement into games.
    It was tested with WoW fully packaged. I linked it to show you that you can get kinect into UDK now with this without a "license". If we needed a license USC would have gotten one to develop this. Your saying we need a license to do anything with kinect. An if we make a game and add kinect we can still sell it. WoW is a retail game and they added kinect. Microsoft has not told USC that they cannot do this for a retail product that would be "profiting" off kinect (which it wouldnt). Your main argument is that if anyone creates a game for retail with kinect integration needs to go through Microsoft. The only way that would be the case if Microsoft requires some form of royalty for kinect integration in any product.Is there information saying this is the case?

    I keep coming back to this because that just seems like their is a hole in your entire arguement that I cant ignore in this one?


      Yeah I'm glad you're not my lawyer... that line of reasoning is not valid in a legal sense.

      It SHOULD be somewhat like that... but it's not... Microsoft could still feasibly sue you and you would have to show up in court with legal council even if you would be eventually found innocent which you may or may not.

      That said..........

      Microsoft has (apart from what seems to be a knee-jerk reaction from a bored lawyer) appeared to be open to people using their device however they feel like provided it's done through a legitimate USB interface.

      But yeah, copyright and patent laws are very... ... broad and tough to defend against (and yet also tough for small guys to use). Proprietary hardware can be VERY much encumbered.

      Don't forget, lawmakers (including judges ala common law) aren't necessarily the most technically inclined people... and are also usually briefed by the prosecution for the technical details. The RIAA is famous for telling judges and juries what the DMCA means... and you know... lying in the process. A judge recently opened a case with a rant against the prosecution for lying to him. It was pretty funny... and scary... because think of how many more judges listened to the prosecution and believed everything they said was true.