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PS3, XBox360 licensing process/requirment.

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    PS3, XBox360 licensing process/requirment.


    Probably this question has been around a few times, still I'd appreciate if someone can point me to the right direction here; I understand if I want to develop a game for these consoles, I'd need UE3 from Epic and the dev kits from both Sony and MS. What else I would need, from what I know there is some specific hardware needed as well. Also How can I become a licensed developer for either of the two consoles. I know I am better off asking these from MS and Sony but I usually put more faith in hearing from forums than corporate emails.

    So, if anyone has done this before please share with me your experiences and also if you know who I should contact to get info from either Sony and MS, I would really appreciate it if you shared your contacts with me.

    And YES, am very very new to this whole thing....


    Don't start thinking this big yet, you'll most likely need to have a known publisher by your side to handle the money for you, since it's a lot of money to get into development with 360 & PS3.

    I think they quality check or something as well so if you don't have much experience, they'll probably won't accept you. A cheap way to dev for the 360, is through XNA.


      You won't get much of an answer on here more than you already know. In any case, you'll need megabucks, and a registered company with a secure office address. The only way to get exact answers is to contact either company.


        Ha! What? Are we PC/iOS using plebeians too simple for your incredible game making skills?

        Some people are disillusioned to the fact that making games is hard god **** work (although UDK makes it into a tiny fraction of what it could be). You gotta learn to crawl before you can walk, and in this case developing on a console is like skating with rocket powered roller blades in relation to walking.

        Start small, I dunno why you'd want to jump right to console development. The tools your using in UDK for PC/iOS are the same as you'll be using as a full UE3 license holder, so why not start with the free tools your given and make something great (or 'Unreal' if your into puns).

        You obviously know next to nothing about making games, that much you've told us. So why don't you go ahead and learn how to make something with UDK, and then make it. Come back to us with a fun as hell game and you'll find that people will be more than willing to get you in contact with a publisher. Hell at that point you'll know how to get your game up on Steam and maybe you'll be wise enough to abandon your dreams of console 'domination'.