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Request FPS framework, help please

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    Request FPS framework, help please

    Hi folks, I need your help... I'm close to getting an internship at a major game studio but I have to do a final test: I need to make a rough level and use kismet to script scenes and level gameplay in the editor for a game that has the features described further below. It is not part of the test to implement these backend gameplay features so that's why I'm asking if anyone could help me implement this stuff, or find a mod that already has this basic functionality.

    Standard FPS movement:
    - Run/Sprint
    - Crouch
    - Jump
    - Shoot/reload/zoom
    - Interact

    Standard FPS weaponry:
    - Melee
    - Sidearm
    - Main weapon
    - Fragmentation grenades

    As you can see, the UTGame framework doesn't have all these features. So my question to you is, can you point me to an open source mod I can build my level in that has these hard coded features? Or point me towards a website, or link that has such a mod?

    I have been looking, but couldn't find any suitable project... :s If it doesn't have ALL features, that's ok, something close is alright as well.

    Help is much appreciated!

    What exactly are you trying to do? Mainly, I doubt they'd want you to do work in several areas, so are you trying to show off those animations or are you supposed to be able to show programming skill or what?

    It would be easy to simply script those actions with kismet like if you were just going to show a video of those things happening--but if you want them to actually function, some of those things will need some programming.


      I'll elaborate a bit Indeed I wouldn't need to be active in several areas. I need to design a floorplan with scripted events, level gameplay. I then need to bring my design into the UDK, block things out using stock assets. So my function would be to provide level gameplay as a designer, I wouldn't need to show programming skills in Unreal script or anything like that, kismet is fine. The overall design and how you play the level is what matters the most.

      It would need to be 3-5 minutes long and you would need to be able to play it, it should contain all components needed to portray the level design I envision. It's pretty much a production test, give me a small level assignment, make a rough idea and then get it approved by the team.

      I can use kismet for various sequences just fine, however... I have no idea how I can get grenades to work with kismet and it's not really part of the exercice anyways, that's why I'm asking for an FPS framework that already contains that functionality. Also to get rid of the general deathmach feel, it needs to be a single player level and killing an NPC and getting a "DDDDouble kill" soundmessage ain't that cool.

      If the test required me to hardcode grenades, sprinting functionality then obviously I wouldn't ask that from any of you! It's just that the UDK in it's current state doesn't have the framework described in the test document that I need to make a level for.

      I hope I made everything clear? If not, feel free to ask away. I don't think it'd be a major issue if my UDK level didn't contain grenades, melee or sprinting (or getting rid of that killmesage). But it would be cleaner and exact to their test document.


        Yeah, I understand that stuff

        I think if there isn't already something for grenades you would have to do that with unrealscipt--maybe check out the files from UT3, if it's not there it isn't something you can add just through kismet (most likely).



          there you go


            Thanks! Hadn't found that tutorial site yet, very structured. Will surely help!