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    Artist Friendly OS/APP. Themes...

    As many of you may well be aware of, the most important asset to an artist is his or her's eyes. With that said, preferably, it is said that it is wise for us digital artists to work in dark environments if we wish to not burn out all of the cones in our eyes. Which is finite in number, since over the years, it is inevitable that they will burn out one by one.

    Correct me if I'm wrong (I can't clearly recall...), but if you look at the history and the progression of some of the more famous artists of the past such as Dali. You'll see that as they progressed through the years, their work became either more red'ish, blue'ish, or even green'ish in color due to the fact that they we're losing the cells that allowed them to accurately perceive colors.

    To clarify:

    The less red cones you have in your eyes the more red (as a form of compensation) you'll use in your art and the very same goes for green and beware!

    Well anyways, I thought I'd open up a thread here on gathering knowledge about the matter as well as sharing theme packs for whatever OS you may use that gives aid in sustaining the youth of our eye balls!

    So to kick it off, here's my win7 theme which you all are more than welcome to use/scrutinize:

    It's still a work in progress...

    [Resources] (will be updated as needed)

    Cool, my eyeballs thank you good sir=]