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    Plug n Play Helicopter

    hello there

    heres another wonderful vehicle for yall to play with, a helicopter. November UDK and Newer.
    theres still a bit to do before its how i want it but most of the basics are all there so i thaught id share it.
    *there are various fixes in this thread*

    it has animated rotor blades that snap off on a collision (well certain collisions, feedback please?).

    the tail rotor doesnt break yet, if someone knows how to change what happens on player input? ie no right and left turn.
    and how to add rotational force to a vehicle, for spinning out of controll.

    This zip has all the scripts and package files as well as the 3ds .max file.
    by downloading this file you agree to give feedback

    as usual put the files in your udk instalation in the folders indicated in the zip.

    Check this out for an added bonus!, heres the same model beautifuly reconstructed by UnWheelModeller, many many thanks .
    Its just the file.

    Making Your Own
    Double click the heli Skelital Mesh in udk, View - Skeleton and Bone Names for a visual reference.
    Heres the bone names and a diagram of the heirarchy. as well as the mesh to be skinned.
    The model should be in 3 seperate meshs. Body, Main Rotor and Rear Rotor. mesh names are not important, bone names are.
    Export it in the same way you would a car with a body and wheels (search goedav tutorials)

    0 = dont skin this bone to anything.

    Bones - Mesh

    Main - body
    | | |
    | | AnimBone - 0
    | | |
    | | RotorBone - Main Rotor
    | | | |
    | | | RotorBone002 - 0
    | | |
    | | RotorBone001 - 0
    | |
    | GunBase - 0
    | |
    | GunRotate - Gun
    RAnimBone - 0
    RRotorBone - *Rear Rotor*

    Note: *Rear Rotor* (the bone not the mesh) is rotated 90 degrees along the X axis.
    ei if you dont rotate the bone, it will spin in the same direction as the main rotor.

    place RotorBone001 and RotorBone002 at the ends of the main rotor blades, these are used in the script to detect a collision that will break the blades off.

    AnimBone is the pivot point for the Main rotors.
    RAnimBone is the pivot point for the Rear rotors.
    GunBase is the pivot point for the Gun.

    once its in UDK, open the Socket Manager and create a new socket called GunViewSocket
    this is where the camera attaches to the heli.
    look at Cicada for other sockets you might want to copy.

    ask if you need further details

    heres a little vid of the blades breaking, bits of blade come flying off but you cant really see it in the vid.


    you could almost do a udk remake of this (by far the best heli game, add a bit of combat and its perfect)



      nobody tried it yet then

      the gibs (exploding rotor) just stay where they are spawned.
      to make them have physics and smoke, open the static meshs (broken parts)
      generate collision and change this
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        Tried what, that ***?


          no the helicopter

          lol you know thats the character you all secretly want


            baby got back.....

            thanks for your work


              beautiful work Tegleg, looking forward to enjoying this (along with Ur elephant and truck).

              Would U consider making a plug and play (ahem ahem) available of the pilot from Ur video? I secretly want her, and only her


                Awesome chopper dude,

                [generic booty comment here!]


                  thanks for the feedback, any problems?

                  instead of posting updated zips i might just do it like the gibs thing, so:
                  if you want the camera a bit further back put this in the default properties


                  @ Whitenorthstar
                  my character was made in (free) Daz Studio, and tweaked in 3ds max and photoshop and uses the epic skeleton if you want to make yourself a naked lady.

                  theres also a plug n play 6 wheeled vehicle


                    omg, I was joking about the nude girl


                      lol yeah right
                      no, it is a good way of getting a character if you cant model for **** like me.
                      you can get clothes and men and monsters too, they do need quite a bit of optimising though.


                        Hey yo check it out
                        i found an amazing bug haha

                        if it explodes before it hits the ground it falls to the ceiling, falls upwards.
                        try it,
                        climb quite high, break the rotors off, jump out and watch.


                          I played with it, very good copter, but when you jump out of it the chopper slowly falls down, landing perfectly


                            i built a big room with a roof, flew high, broke the blades off on the wall, jumped out.
                            the heli exploded before it hit the ground, then changed direction and fell to the ceiling, landing feet first as if gravity had inverted. it is repeatable on my comp.


                              Is it possible to do a plug n play character? I liked your elephant n truck