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[Update 2] Plug n Play Big Van Thing / FireTruck

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    complied in Aug build with some warnings but mesh doesn't show up in game. your vehicle package wont open...
    Unable to load package (..\..\UDKGame\Content\Vehicles\VH_Fire.upk) PackageVersion  799, MaxExpected  756 : LicenseePackageVersion    0, MaxExpected    0.
    in May UDK it say the super class 'UTvehicle' and 'UTvehiclefactory' for 'Tegleg_FBase' and 'TeglegVehiclefactory_Fire' cant be found

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    That's the best looking van I've ever seen!

    No, but seriously, great job on sharing this with the people!

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    a little favour, the code is a stripped down version of my game vehicle and im not sure if i left anything in that might cause a problem. im going to do a vehicle pack at some point (helicopter on the way. preview here).

    could someone let me know if this even works please?


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    cool! will try it out when i get chance. should be fun looking through the code too.


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  • started a topic [Update 2] Plug n Play Big Van Thing / FireTruck

    [Update 2] Plug n Play Big Van Thing / FireTruck


    contains Original Version and LookSteer Version

    heres a big vehicle for you to play with. For NOVEMBER udk and newer.
    i made it because im helping someone out to make an airport fire truck, and i thaught id give it to everyone to maybe learn something from.

    it has:
    * rotating turret that fires the manta weapon.
    * 6 camera modes, with rear view function. Static cam when first enter vehicle.
    * nicely ballanced with slippery tyres for drifting
    * its fast

    comes with the 3ds max model file so you can make your own vehicle. the model is a terrible 'placeholder', im no modeler :s
    open it up in max, delete the mesh, add your own, skin the bones. (look for geodav tutorials if you dont know what im talking about)


    place the files from the zip in your udk instalation folder.
    the zip is arranged in folders to make it easy for you.

    Development/Src/UTGame/Classes - Script Files.
    Development/Src/UTGameContant/Classes - More Script Files. (wont work for udk versions older than august)

    UDKGame/Content/Vehicles - the vehicle package (wont work for udk versions older than november)

    add these lines to DefaultInput.ini for the camera control.
    add to the bottom of ; Primary default bindings section

    .Bindings=(Name="R",Command="GBA_LookBack | OnRelease GBA_NotLookBack")
    let me know of any problems

    Have Fun!

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