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UDK Student Showcase Submission

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  • UDK Student Showcase Submission

    To submit your game to the UDK Student Showcase simply post a reply in this thread with the following:
    • a screenshot of your game
    • a short description of the game including development time and the educational institute you were attending when you created it
    • a link to a video (YouTube, Vimeo, etc..)

    Please refrain from commenting in this thread.

    We look forward to seeing all the great student submissions!

  • #2

    Description: A rock climbing arcade game controlled by an upper body motion capture suit (
    Development time: 3 months for the game itself plus 8 months of background research before that
    Educational Institute: University of Sussex, UK
    Video: Gameplay footage


    • #3

      Description: Outlast is a 3rd person action-scifi shooter in which the player plays as Alpha, the soul survivor of a spaceship evacuation. In the process of evacuating, Alpha's escape-pod destroys sacred ruins which causes him to get hunted by the local population. Shipwrecked and low on energy he must find and charge energy cells which were lost during the crash.

      Development time: Three and a half months.

      Educational Institute: Anglia Ruskin University, UK

      Video: Gameplay footage

      Outlast Development Blog:


      • #4
        Pin Ball Blast!

        Description: Pin Ball Blast! Is not just a classic pinball game. This pinball game comes with a variety or intense features including building, rebuilding and fixing damaged bumpers from the waves of attacking alien enemies. You can upgrade existing bumpers and build defense towers to defend against the alien enemies. This is a Pin Ball action game with tower defense style extras!

        Development time: Six and a half months.

        Educational Institute: Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, NH USA SNHU

        Video: GamePlayFootage[Updated]

        Star Castle Studios Site: ||

        Current Footage does not contain the music and is still a WIP


        • #5

          Description: ZapJak is an exciting Battle Royale racing game in the style of Twisted Metal, set in a technological world. Players take the role of viruses racing to infect and destroy computers traversing the Internet, and compete to see who can hijack them all. Players experience numerous references to pop culture and internet memes as they traverse the simulated world of the Internet.

          Development time: Two and a half months.

          Educational Institute: Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA USA

          Video: Gameplay footage [UPDATE: HD promotional trailer!]

          ZapJak Project Wiki:


          • #6
            Freeze-E Frosty's

            Description: Working as an ice cream cone isn’t easy....especially when you accidentally blow up the world-famous Freeze-E Frosty’s ice cream factory! Help Frosty get through this ridiculous action-adventure game and save your factory from certain doom!

            Development Time: 9 months.

            Educational Institute: The Art Institute of California - Los Angeles.



            Follow us on:


            • #7

              Trapped in a world designed to kill, one Prisoner must navigate his way through intense obstacles in order to find his ticket to freeedom.

              Will you survive?

              Development time:
              9 Months

              Educational Institute:
              Art Institute of California - Los Angeles



              Team Strawberry Shortcake


              • #8


                Description: Plunge into the seventeen courts of Diyu "Hell" to train in hopes of
                becoming an unstoppable warrior. Diyu is a third person adventure game that takes you
                on a skull pounding quest for the freedom of your soul.

                Educational Institute: Devry University Tinley Park IL

                Video: Game Play Video
                Download: Download & Play
                Development time: 2 months research, 4 months development
                Team:Asylum Bound Games

                Team Members:
                Andrew Pittman
                Matthew Thorns
                Mike Freeman

                Please note that this is an Alpha. We still need to create fine tuned animations for the main character & newer cut scenes.


                • #9
                  PGS - Playground Skirmish

                  PGS - Playground Skirmish

                  Description: Playground Skirmish is a comic-like teambased 3rd person shooter. The player can choose between Susan Scout and Ted Tanker to fight against the other team.

                  Development time: 2 and a half month (about 400 hours)

                  Educational Institute: Hochschule Esslingen - University of Applied Sciences, Germany

                  Like Us on Facebook: Bazinga Games on Facebook

                  Video: PGS Footage

                  Team: Bazinga Games (David Garus & Denis Urs Rudolph)


                  • #10
                    The Adventures of Turtle Chan

                    Description: A Classic Platformer, similar to Crash Bandicoot. This game is a sequel to the classic fable, "The Tortoise and the Hare". The hare has been a little angry and depressed after losing the first race and decided to burn the tortoise's house down. The player controls the tortoise as he makes his way to the top of the mountain to race one last time.

                    Development time: Roughly 7 Months (Starting May 2010)

                    Educational Institute: Southern New Hampshire University - Student Created Company: More Than Games (



                    • #11
                      Paradox Shift

                      Paradox Shift is a first person puzzle action game currently in development at the University of Southern California.

                      As Inspector Carmen Medina from the Department of Time, you must evaluate the use of time travel in the creation of the Grand Canyon Dam. Unravel the conspiracy behind the dam's construction and race to prevent its collapse.

                      Use only a Time Transport Tool (T3) to instantly shift yourself and tagged objects back and forth between two time periods as you traverse levels and solve puzzles. With no traditional weapons at your disposal, evade and distract enemies across time as you stop them from destroying the dam.

                      Check out our website at:

                      Watch our trailer: here