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    Opinion about camera views!

    I'm doing an essay for class about different camera styles in games. Hopefully I can get this poll thing to work to get some opinions. The options are 1st person, over-the-shoulder and 3rd person. I know over-the-shoulder is considered 3rd person, but its more of an in between. Please pick one and maybe say a bit why you picked that one. I'm trying to get some data for my essay, as there isn't a whole lot that I can use elsewhere.

    Some pros and cons I would like to start off mentioning that I've noticed are...

    1st person -
    Pro - More accurate (usually) with aiming.
    Con - Gun shoots our of your face. When you're playing online, walk up to another player in a FPS and you'll have to aim your gun down to be the same level as the other person. That's why people shoot you when they're behind a wall and all that you can see of their body is their head. In 1st person, they see their gun to be over the wall, but in reality, it isn't. The view in 1st person is also very narrow.

    3rd person -
    Pro - Everyone sees the same thing. Seeing the body is good so you know if you are hanging over an edge and exposed etc. Can see more of a natural wider view compared to 1st person.
    Con - You can stand at a corner with your face to a wall, yet you can see around the corner unrealistically and gank people, because the camera is behind you.

    Over-The-Shoulder - The compromise. Pros and cons of both sides.

    depends on the game of course
    if you want precise aiming and multiplayer hide'n'seek killing, 1st person is usually the way to go. if your game has important aspects of movement location (ie. a platformer) or when battle positioning is more important than battle aiming, 3rd person is good.

    1st person view isn't necessarily narrow though. I can still remember the old days with quake3 on a wide FOV. takes a while to get used to and kills fairness, realism and beauty (if it goes so exagerated) but it's still an option.


      Depends of the game.

      I hereby declaim this thread useless :2


        From what I gather your talking in terms of shooters?

        If thats the case:

        FP - Gives better accuracy, control and feeling over the weapon. It doesn't have the issue with body blocking as well. FPS models can also be super high res in MP environments as they are only seen by the client.

        3rd - Gives more immerision and view of the game world. Cuts down on motion sickness in some gamers. Is a better choice for consoles or games where the players character is important or will be interacting with the world a fair deal. Provides a more "your watching a movie/story unfold" vs the more personal "You are the person" that is more dominate with FP.

        FOV is irrelevant to either. 3rd does give the player more often then not a large FOV but that is just set my designers - it's not a function of the form.

        Over the shoulder is a compromise much like the cover system - both invented to make FPS work on consoles.


          I don't think it is useless. It is about fairness. Comparing styles of games and what camera works best. Call of Duty has a 3rd person mode. Not too popular, but comparing between the two. Pros and cons! Stuff like that.


            It all depends on the game, and the atmosphere. If you want something scary like deadspace, then you don't want the player to be able to see very far behind them so you go with first person or over the shoulder. Metal gear solid = 3rd person because it works best that way. I second that the thread is useless because it is not specific enough.


              It is about visibility and fairness. How first person and third person show a different view. How in first person... the arms/gun are higher up on the body and you shoot out of your head. How you can shoot over objects because on -your- screen it looks right, but to others, the gun is lower on the body because they see the 3rd person model.


                Best put all view options in game!

                I like 1st person view, but I think a game must have all options possible, soo the player can choose depending on situation witch one to use!


                  what's the difference between "over the shoulder" and "3rd person" ?


                    In my original post I said over the shoulder is considered 3rd person, but it is sort of between the standard 1st and 3rd. over the shoulder is like Gears of War, or when you type "behindview" in UDK. In older versions of UDK, "behindview" would put the camera directly behind the player and it would be further back. Now it is... over the shoulder. It allows you to sort of aim down the sights, yet remain 3rd person... so sort of the compromise.