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The MMW theory: A simple and easy melee weapon

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    The MMW theory: A simple and easy melee weapon

    I have a theory but I'm not very good with what it requires to make it with.

    I had an idea for a simple melee weapon.

    1. Goto the main input file
    2. Setup a cause event (or whatever its called) to trigger when a button is hit.
    3. In kismet, that event cause a matinee to play (the weapon being swung).
    4. It also temporarily toggles a damage_volume.
    5. Also have an Attach to Actor set up for the weapon and the player.
    6. There will also have to be a cinematic mode to hide the real weapon the player has on them.

    This only requires one line of scripting, and everything else is in UDK, no 3dsMax/Maya (unless your making the weapon, which doesn't have to have any bones).

    I'm not very good with Kismet/Programming/Thinking in general so I could be wrong on this, but I could also be onto something...

    BTW: MMW stands for Matinee Melee Weapon.