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[Moved] Rotation and Placement of Objects in UDK

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    [Moved] Rotation and Placement of Objects in UDK

    [I made a new thread in the 'Programming and Unrealscript' section. I accidently made this in the wrong section. I don't know how to delete this thread, but it is no longer needed.]

    Hi I am new to the forum and quite new to UDK. I have looked through the forums and greatly appreciate the amount of knowledge that people here have and the helpful advice that is passed around.

    I'm trying to create a puzzle game where the character goes from room to room and has to solve (or attempt to solve) a puzzle before moving on.

    The puzzle that I am currently having troubles with is a puzzle where the player enters a room and a mirror breaks. The puzzle consists of picking up the pieces and placing them in the correct position on the mirror. It is essentially a jigsaw puzzle, with the puzzle being on a vertical wall.

    Currently, I am using a modified physics gun (it's range is decreased and the push ability is disabled) to pick up the pieces. I can move them around, but to make the puzzle harder I would like to have it so that the player must rotate the pieces while holding them. This is what I don't know how to implement. I don't know how to rotate the pieces or to get them to lock into a position (right or wrong position) when the piece is let go of. The placements are on a vertical wall so I don't want the pieces to fall.

    I have been dealing almost exclusively with UnrealScript and was wondering if there was a way to implement this using UnrealScript. I don't know much Kismet, but if it would be easier with Kismet and triggers and things I'm willing to receive some help pointing me in that direction too.

    I'd greatly appreciate anyones help.