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Question about the game license.

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    Question about the game license.

    Question nr 1.

    If Developer A. Makes #Game# using UDK .
    He Releases it for free. He takes 0 fees on any sort of service even if sayd product is accompanied with a hosting service such as say diablo has battle net.
    But. Developer has a Paypall donation available. so if you want to donate so the game has more updates/ keeps getting updates and such. Just as a option, its up to the Consumer if he wants to donate.

    Do the regular UDK license fees apply then ? since there is no actual Product sale nor any form of product subscription fee or anything.

    Also Question nr 2.

    If Developer B. Makes #Game# using UDK.
    He Releases the actual product for free. But sayd developer has a membership fee on another service unrelated directly with the udk game that gives you special services, such as membership Faq. Lore. Art. Extra models you can buy to have in sayd UDK Game.
    Do the regular UDK licences apply ?

    Sry if this has been answerd somewhere before. i cannot find any good answers abbout this, and yes i have read the license info. But did not find any concrete answers to these questions.

    Any profit made that will lead to the game will require the license. Even if you dont charge people to download the game or even play but you do allow people to decide to do donation for it, is still profit earned so must require license.

    Lets say you hold also a page and that page holds a download link to your game for free and also a donation button. Epic will assume is for the game made form udk and will require you for a license. This also includes ADS from google.


      In any case, "Paypal donation" schemes are downright dubious anyway.