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Game like Bridge Builder?

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    Game like Bridge Builder?

    Hello, I want to make a game that works like bridge builder.. I think everyone knows the game hehe


    I have 2 questions for this:

    - How to move the train over the bridge?

    With matinee the train will "fly" and not move? So if the bridge is destroyed it wouldnt fall down, cause matinee gives fixed waypoints.

    - How to calculate the weight of the train?

    If the train is driving over the bridge, it need to calculate the weight, so the bridge will damage if Weight > X.

    Thanks in advice.

    The answer to all of these questions is simple: code. You're not going to get this kind of thing in the level editor.


      You could place the player below the bridge (perhaps a second track) and attach (New Action->Actor->Attach to Actor) the train to the player, then when the bridge falls, the player falls and so does the train. As for the weight, just set an int variable and have that set for the weight of the train, if the weight changes, just goto New Action->Math->Add/Subtract INT and a comparison of the INT to X can be found in the new comparison section.

      Because the train is attached to the player, the train will turn when the player turns, so you will need a "Level loaded" going to a cinematic mode, and make sure you check off all but "Disable Turning".

      But now the train can't turn, so create a trigger volume right before the turn, have the trigger volume activate a matinee, as well as detach the train to the player (just create another Attach to Actor, but check "Detach" in the options) and have the matinee play. Then have the matinee's "completed" node goto a Teleport (New Action->Actor->Teleport) and set the target as the player, the target destination should be a playerstart on the track after the curve. Make sure that the arrow of the playerstart is pointing forward (as the beginning playerstart should too), also make sure that in the teleport settings, the sound is set to "None". The "Out" node of the teleporter should goto an "Attach to Actor" with the same settings as the beginning "Attach to Actor".

      Since the player is attached to the train, and the player isn't as fast as a normal train, you will need a "Level loaded" event attached to a console command (New Action->Misc.->Console Command) and type in setspeed 1 (or whatever number). If you want the speed to change (I don't know if this happens in the game, b/c I've never played it) just set up a trigger volume and have another console command.

      If the bridge falls and the train goes down, the player will still be able to move and so will the train, (which I don't think you want to happen, but, haven't played the game, so...) you can have whatever activates the matinee to make the bridge fall goto a "Cinematic Mode" (New Action->Toggle->Toggle Cinematic Mode) with everything checked off except for "Disable Turing".

      Now that the player is in a hidden track below the bridge, the train/bridge cannot be seen, so you will need a Camera Actor, for this, goto only don't attach the camera to the player and set the camera above the train. If you want the camera mobile, goto the documentation at the top of the page (on here) and download the "Cinematics" file, watch "Animating the camera" (3rd video).

      Hope I helped.


        Wow thank you very much for this long and detailed describtion.

        You gave me some very usefull tips

        I will make a feedback when I finished my bridge game ^.^


          Your welcome, just make sure you upload your progress!