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How do I set up a Lan game or internet game?

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    How do I set up a Lan game or internet game?

    In a couple of weeks I'm going to be hosting a competition between work on the level I created based on where we are. I was wondering how do we set up a server/ or a peer to peer match to play against each other? I think you use frontend but not I'm not sure.
    Thanks in advance

    Bump, any susgestions would be useful
    What program do I use to set up a server for udk?

    Do I use udk it's self or packae and cook the game?


      Try this:

      We got a listen server working awhile ago, but at that time, dedicated servers were not yet working. As for getting it to successfully broadcast on steam, not sure we had that down either.

      Networking is obscure like that


        One Solution

        One solution my team and I found was to package the game with the Unreal Frontend so that you get an installation file for your game. Then, have everybody install that file. After it's installed, run the "UDK.exe" file in whichever directory you installed it in. The normal UDK Game hud should come up.

        Now, you need to figure out the IP address of whatever computer is going to host the game. This can be done through many different services online (, or manually through the command prompt.

        Finally, once everybody has installed the game, have the host fire up a multiplayer game. Then everybody joins the game by hitting [Tab], which opens the Unreal Command Line, and types "open XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX" where the XXX's are the host's IP address. Then everybody should join the game and you can start having fun

        Hope this helps!


          Thanks guys will try that, now for a LAN game. Would I just use frontend?
          Thanks so much


            It would be the same

            Yes, I think so.
            You should check out this, for more info on the FrontEnd:

            Take careful note of the"game" and "cooking" section, which is what you're going to be doing.


              I haven't tried it myself, but on the UnCodeX page:


              it says:

              Game launching

              Through the ''Launch game'' menu you are able to start a client or server instance of the game. The two options ''Run server'' and ''Join server'' can be configured through the settings menu.

              The ''Run ... (Ctrl+X)'' option in the ''Launch game'' menu provides more options to launch various instances of the game. It is basically a GUI to configure and and execute a commandline. You are also able to create some presets.
              You may want to give this a try.



                Thanks will keep that in mind
                sorry for late reply had school commitments