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Vehicles and weapons and scary code.

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    Vehicles and weapons and scary code.

    Hey guys,

    For the last few months I've been keeping myself busy learning how to create vehicles and weapons for use in UT3 and of course UDK. I've covered everything from making the models, skinning and rigging the models, making the damage morphs; setting up the Animsets, Animtrees and physics assets etc, and that's great.

    I've also gotten my hands dirty and hacked together some code to get these things operational in game. Now, I am no mean coder that's for sure, but I have managed to copy and paste code from stock vehicles and weapons, tweak the settings a bit, and ultimately get this stuff functioning how I want it to. What struck me whilst doing this, was how modular it all felt, and I got to wondering why there isn't something in the editor, similar to kismet, where we can just plug chunks of code together in a visual editor, and create vehicles and weapons all inside of the editor itself. Now I can hear you cry "LEARN TO CODE FFS", and yeah for sure, if there was a "I know Kung Fu" way of learning this, I'd be all over it, but this isn't The Matrix and I'm a few red pills short of being Neo.

    So back to the issue in hand, a Vehicle and Weapons Maker, inside the editor itself, where we can piece together stock chunks of code (thanks Epic!) in a graphical nodular format, plug all our parts into and away we go. What do you guys think? Is it possible? Are there any limitations? How useful would this be?

    great idea but please keep it simple as kismet does my head in.

    i can't code either but at least with script i can sort of read whats going on, in kismet i'm lost


      Well... I understand where you're coming from, but those "modular chunks" are called functions

      If you want a projectile firing "modular chunk" you cut and paste the Projectile function. If you simply want to alter existing values, it's largely done in the "modular chunk" that is your default properties.

      It ultimately wouldn't be terribly useful to do what you're mentioning, at best you could create a graphical interface to let people tweak default settings. Nice, but ultimately not what people really want to do.