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How much can we control through Kismet?

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    How much can we control through Kismet?

    I'm wondering how much we can really control through kismet.

    I know we can make thigns in the level and cutscenes, but can we make weapons behave differently? (I'm pretty sure we can? I thought I saw something on that)

    Can we make the pawn the player controls behave differently?

    And we make weapons (or attachments to the player) control the player or gicve the player (pawn) other abilities that they normally wouldn't have?

    The reason I'm asking is because I was looking through some of the scripts and these go pretty deep. I'm wondering if this can just be done in kismet so I won't have to worry too much about breaking something in the actual .uc file.

    I'm sure you could, but I've never tried to that I can remember.


      You can do it in Kismet, since Kismet runs on top of Unrealscript and native code (C++). However, Kismet has the following limitations:

      * Is very object heavy, encoding heavy logic into it can cause performance issues.
      * Is level persistant only, if you want the logic in multiple levels you need to copy + paste which can lead to maintainence nightmares