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i cant see my item is the prespictve View

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    i cant see my item is the prespictve View

    hi all, so iam a new Noob in this Udk World,
    first of all am Egyptian

    and while i added a static mesh from the contet Browser to my Game it appear like this

    i only see the the translation mode, i cant see it itself

    waiting for Help


    i watched tut for BLOWING PLAYER and the multi msgs that appear, i did it but it didnt work

    it only shows the 1st msg

    Press 'W', that hides/unhides static meshes in your currently active viewport!



      thx, look like by accident i press W while i was moving the Camera )

      thank u ^^


        well, while i was watching the Simple level tut, i was trying to make this multi announcement msgs, i did this

        but it didnt work, it only shows the first 1


          From the picture you provided in kismet it looks as if you have no way for the switch to know how many times the player has accessed it. One way to fix this would be to add an int variable to the index of the switch to tell it which message to display. Perhaps the first time the switch is used you could increment the int variable by one and the the next time the switch is used it would play the second message. Rinse and repeat.

          There may be a better way, but this was the first one that came to mind for me.