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    New to UDK

    Hello, I am fairly new to UDK and quite frankly to this business as well. I have built a few levels without detail. I've used terrain csg add and some very basic actors. I had a few questions though?

    1. Lighting, I have watched ravens tutorial and read hourences blog on the subject though the only time I can get lighting is if I place a "point light" on the field and convert it to a "skylight". Could this be a bug? I've considered the possibility of my world properties not being set for specific lighting actors, but I didn't want to damage anything.

    2. Also I have downloaded the october version of UDK and my csg add button works a little differently than before. I can't get my bsp squares to show up therefore being unable to place anything down on the bsp.

    3. Finally if I am not mistaken, I was curious about UDK performance. In the free beta version is it possible to create a fully destructible environment. This would include non-static mesh objects like terrain etc.

    P.S I almost forgot that while downloading some of epic's video tutorials I could play sound, but i couldn't view anything that was being shown. Is that a download issue or perhaps my WMP isn't setup to view the type of file correctly. Also, I am on an extremely tight budget currently are there any suggestions on free custom art tools like a 3d modeler or a free photoshop program. This stinks because i've already fallen in love with cs5 and ZBrush 4.

    Thank you for any time and feedback spent on this thread.

    1 & 2, try using "Build All" under the Build menu, and see if that solves your problems.

    3, atm I don't think so
    You could maybe create a staticmesh terrain though and use fractured on it, but I really got no clue how good that result would be, nor what performance impact it would have.

    For your issue with video playback, I suggest trying out VideoLAN VLC Media Player from here:


      3: The problem with destructible terrain isn't performance though. The problem is that terrain is a plane. It has no thickness. So, even if there was a way to make a terrain actor destructible, they'd just knock a hole with no bottom. If you make 3d terrain and import it, it can be destructible.

      The most common free programs that I see mentioned on the boards are Blender and Gimp.

      I found those same videos, I think. Only sound for me too. All of the videos on the main video page worked for me, I think.