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    Hola a todos.

    Tengo una pregunta.

    Yo tengo en mi mapa ciclos de 24 horas.

    Cuando el sol se esconde debajo del mapa, los staticmesh siguen recibiendo luz desde abajo del mapa.

    ┬┐Como puedo solucionar esto?

    Hello everyone.

    I have a question.

    I have in my map cycle of 24 hours.

    When the sun goes below the map, staticmesh continue to receive light from below the map.

    How I can fix this?

    Sorry for my English.

    Shut the light off.



      Si apago la luz se ve todo el mapa oscuro y no veo por donde ando.


      If I turn out the light is dark all over the map and do not see where I walk.


        Add a dominant directional light with a low setting to give some night light


          Originally posted by dave42UK View Post
          Add a dominant directional light with a low setting to give some night light
          You shouldn't have two dominant lights at the same time.

          So I guess you are saying to him to shutdown one light and turn on the other.
          But I think that will not be good when he changes from one light to another, it will suddenly change the illumination.


            Does it have to be a directional light if its at night? A few point lights with really low brightness should do the trick. Adding in actual points of light like light posts would help a lot at night also.

            Try using matinee to turn on and off the lights used at night. Slowly turn up the brightness as the dominate light moves below the map.


              exactly. turn off the main light, which is the sun and forget about it at night time. at night use only spotlights here and there (depends on your level: a town has torchlights, an office has lamps, etc) and maybe a very subtle skylight

              deja la luz del sol apagada cuando sea de noche, y ya de noche solo utiliza luces spot en donde el mapa lo requiera (un pueblo tendria farolas, una oficina lamparas, etc). tal vez tambien un skylight muy sutil con valores bajos solo para luz ambiente