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Has anyone done a slider type character creation tutorial?

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    Has anyone done a slider type character creation tutorial?

    Well beyond me but I was just interested in seeing how it worked.

    Haven't seen any, but I guess it basically involves changing scalar parameters of bone (bones mapped to a characters face and so on) position and scaling.

    Maybe a material to set offset on the faces with extensive masking could be used too.

    Remember to take animation to account too, nothing worse than this breaking a working facial animation system.


      Originally posted by Weiser_Cain View Post
      Well beyond me but I was just interested in seeing how it worked.
      What do you mean by "slider"?


        I think he wants something like Oblivion or Mass Effect, where you can customize your character's facial attributes.

        I don't know how that would work really, though. I'd guess it would be close to what Musilowski said, but I don't know how that would really be done ingame.


          Yeah that's what I meant. I was just interested in how it'd be done.


            Wouldn't that be something along the lines of anim morphs?
            Maybe setup the char up in Maya or w/e, and make an 'animation' that changes what all you want to change, and set it up in udk so when they change something it ajusts the morphs you setup?

            Idk how bad I worded that, but it makes sence in my head...

            I know in ME2, that once you make your char there is a long string of numbers that have to do with it. Every value you change, or attributes, affect this string of numbers, and that string loads your char everytime you play, or go from level to level.

            So, I would guess after you make all the morphs, you would somehow have to have a value for each one, and store it in a string of numbers somehow. And have to load that string somehow, I'm still very new to unrealscript, so Idk about that part. But the morphs seem fairly simple enough...

            Sry if I'm way off, if so let me know and I will delete my post.


              Yeah but for how it's done in Oblivion you need a hell of a lot of morphs. Although I'm guessing that there they had some kind of a procedural system they designed or bought. For something like Morrowind you would just make it switch out the face models but I'm sure you figured that out.


                lol, lots and lots of morphs. Thats actualy what I have been doing the last week or so.
                I think it would be easier with morphs then to switch out diff chunks of the model.

                What I was doing, is you can choose 1 of 6 players to play as. And each of them, you can tweak the morphs to how you want them. I dont know how to do this without doing morphs.

                I setup so far about 15 dif versions(using the morphs) for the head/body of each of the 6 chars. You choose diff preset versions, or pick the one closest to what you want and then tweak the morphs from there.

                However, this still all in Maya and not in udk yet, for I dont know enough about UnrealScript to get it done.

                But I would guess, that once I get scaleform setup, once you 'slide the slider' or w/e, it would call out to udk and ajust the value of the morph and update the char.

                I guess take what Allar did a step further, I seen in his game that you can choose your player and I think you could ajust some things with them, I cant remember, but thats a start I guess.

                Now Im going to have to check out Oblivion lol, but I like how ME2 did it.


                  has there even been a non-slider character creation tutorial?
                  If I have time later today I'll take a loot at morphs and see how easy it'd be to code.


                    The coding I don't think would be horrible, it would be the sheer amount of morphing you have to do.


                      Im just starting to dig deeper into unrealscript. Lots to learn. I think I have the general idea how to do it, but thats a long way from knowing how to do it lol.

                      Morphs, I have a bunch made(many more to go yet), Im just playing with weights now so min/max values for the morph dont mess up any animations. That part for me, is more time consuming than just making the morphs in the first place.

                      I imagine you do something like Wraiyth has setup( and add all the morphs you make there. And somehow in unreal script call on those morphes and ajust acordingly.

                      And upon rewatching one of those vids, I guess you would use a blend node? for each morph? Its 3 am here, and im not very awake so in the morning I will try to find out how to ajust those values in unrealscript, through actionscript in scaleform.

                      of the top of my head...
                      eg. EyeHeightBlend = AnimNodeBlend(Mesh.FindAnimNode('EyeHeightBlend')) ;
                      I think thats how I would call one of the morphs, but I have no clue how to ajust its value.


                      Var AnimNodeBlend EyeHeightBlend;

                      simulated event PostInitAnimTree(SkeletalMeshComponent SkelComp)
                      super.PostInitAnimTree( SkelComp );

                      if (SkelComp ==Mesh)
                      EyeHeightBlend = AnimNodeBlend(Mesh.FindAnimNode('EyeHeightBlend')) ;
                      EyeHeightBlend.SetBlendTarget( 0.40 );
                      okay, I think I know how to have unrealscript give a set in stone value for the morph/blend, idk how to make that value changable.

                      I could be very wrong with all this, Idk


                      How do I post code with it keeping my spaces/tabs where I want them?


                        Now we need to come up with a string of numbers, so we can allways have your 'custom tweaked char' show up every time you load game or change levels ect.....

                        Say you have 6 Playable Chars to choose from.
                        1-6, 1=Char1, 2=Char2, ect

                        So, say you choose Char 2 to play as....

                        Now say you choose skin color.
                        01-20, black to white.

                        So, say you choose a value of 15....

                        Now, figure out your eye height with a value between 1-10
                        Say you choose 7(you just move the slider to where you want it, it happens to be on 7)

                        now, we have to make a string of numbers for these 3 values

                        first value tells what char to load, 1 digit
                        second value tells what color, 2 digits
                        third value tells the eye height, 1 digit

                        eg, # ## #
                        eg, 2 15 7(spaces would be just read it better, it would read as follows)
                        2157, which means.... CharMesh2,SkinColor15,EyeHeight7

                        I'm going to bed now.


                          Wow, im so sry for all my rambling, im soooo tired.....

                          What I dont know how to do is:
                          In a scalefrom menu, slide a slider and have it update the blend/morph data in unrealscript.

                          Would you just do it all in scaleform and get it setup/tweaked and store the string of numbers in actionscript? and have that call and load the data into unrealscript and update the values?(the position of the blend/morph)

                          Idk how to store/load/change values like that...

                          Realy going to bed now, good luck anybody who can code to figure this out...


                            My guess like everyone else would be base meshes and morphs. Then sliders for core values like colour, adding different eyes or eyebrows to the material.


                              what about the code side of things, is what I said along the lines of what to do?
                              if not the code thing I guessed at, I think what I said with the number string may be right, I know ME2 does something with a string.(I somewhat remember after makin' my char on there that there was string of numbers on the bottem of the screen, and I think it said something like you could copy and paste the number in if you wanted to use it again. Or if you wanted to start a new game, you could paste in number without having to recreate it)

                              Lol, now I'm gona have to reinstall ME2 and play around with it, and see how wrong I am lol.