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I want to create a UDK tutorial site

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    I want to create a UDK tutorial site


    I started learing UDK about 2 weeks ago and I'm loving it so far. My problem is with documentation. It's scattered.

    The website will have the following:
    - Links to the most useful content on the web.
    - Links for the UDN, UDK and Epic forum.
    - Links to forum threads regarding certain topics. (It's hard to go though the forum to find what you need. Specially old threads).
    - Tags on page to show related pages.
    - A tree structured navigation to categorize pages. (check

    My question is this: Is it ok to create a site that will serve as a source for tutorials and links for the UDK? The site will have the UDK logo and name on it.

    My plan for the website is the following:
    - Create the website and start adding what I find is useful.
    - Have the ability for people to create accounts and add their contributions. There will be two levels: Contributers and Moderators.
    - The website might have the ability for commenting on pages.

    I want to do this to give back in return for what I'm getting and to make things easier for others.


    I think the way it works is; you're free to create and post tutorials etc. as long as they're not using anyone else's content. A wiki would be real neato. hl2world has (had?) a great one.


      Well, if you make another tutorial site, documentation would be even more scattered, wouldn't it?

      Also, there is a wiki, including tutorials, at


        I've been considering doing something similar for a while. Well, I actually wanted to do something that was more of a depository of game dev tutorials in general, but organized and maintained in such a way that it's easy to navigate, kept clean, ect. PM me sometime if you're going to continue with it if you want some help.



          another wiki with udk tutorials


            Thanks for the links. I will check it out. I am looking for these kind of websites.


              why does everyone want to create their own site? there are dozens of them.


                Originally posted by Blade[UG] View Post
                why does everyone want to create their own site? there are dozens of them.
                Because these links are not promoted in the right way.

                The link for is posted in a thread that dates back to April, 2010


                  The reason UDKC's thread dates back to April is because it has been alive for over 8 months . I however have been on these forums nearly daily since then working to help secure tutorials and good old posts from the void of these forums. I can't rightfully spam this place . I'm also always watching, and as such replying to your post in under a hour

                  I agree completely with the issue regarding scattered, dated, defunct, incomplete and uneditable - sites and tutorials. If you find my original threads when UDKC was taking it's first steps you can see I created UDKC to combat those issues. It was the biggest hurdle as you found out to learning the UDK.

                  At 125+ tutorials now, I think UDKC is starting to put a dent in the learning curve. I do welcome you to write tutorials or even form your own site, but if your going to go down this road, for the sake of the community you better stick with it for a few years. Alternatively you could add your content to a centralized database of tutorials and not further propagate the issue of scattered content


                    Originally posted by bravo142 View Post
                    Because these links are not promoted in the right way.
                    Because no one put on their signature this:

                    UDK Tutorials Click Here

                    When you think it's flashy enough, make it 5 times flashier!


                      Feel Free to be the first Saishy - Personally I think EPIC would come drop the hammer on the blinding blue text.


                        Dont forget the community around the UDK is young. Its been a bit over a year now and for that i think the documentation is quite good so far! I'm sure the UDKC will be the same as the Valve Wiki in the future.


                          Although we are growing with new fokes, a good portion of this community stems from UT2004 (UE2) and it's related games - some even going back to the original Unreals. I haven't made a head count recently but when I first started here 8 months ago, it was alot of the old guard I remembered from UT2004 and BeyondUnreal.

                          PS: thanks for the link-to and I love the Secret Pro Tool


                            Originally posted by Sir. Polaris View Post
                            Feel Free to be the first Saishy - Personally I think EPIC would come drop the hammer on the blinding blue text.
                            Edit: Had to change the font size, my signature have more than 5 lines of text D:


                            I like beyondunreal as a programmer, but it lacks too much info about the functions and variables.
                            Even things like spawn() and trace() don't have any comments besides the default Epic does.


                              You know what the UDK needs more than another tutorial site?

                              A lexicon...

                              All those functions that already exist within the library and an example of how to call them with their caveats.

                              Would be really nice for quick reference.