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DefaultGame.ini or DefaultGameUDK.ini

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  • DefaultGame.ini or DefaultGameUDK.ini

    So far since I'm still a newbie learning, I've been extending my classes from UT and not from UDK (UTPawn, UTWeapon, etc...)

    However now I want to take a step further and extend directly from UDK classes. But will I now have to change the DefaultGameUDK.ini settings instead of the regular DefaultGame.ini?

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    DefaultGameUDK.ini is based on Engine\BaseGame.ini

    DefaultGame.ini is based on Config\DefaultGameUDK.ini.

    So, to build UDKGame.ini, which is what the game actually uses, it first reads in Engine\BaseGame.ini, then applies any changes made in DefaultGameUDK.ini to that, then applies any changse made in DefaultGame.ini to THAT, and then writes it all out to UDKGame.ini.


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      So then since I'm extending from UDK classes, I will need to leave the DefaultGameUDK untouched so the game builds what I'm extending on as well as what I'm extending?


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        what? DefaultGameUDK is part of the chain. If you want your changes to take effect before DefaultGame's changes, then you put them in DefaultGameUDK. If you want them to take effect after, then you put them in DefaultGame.


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          What's the difference from a functionality standpoint? Or is it all the same.


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            It's like CSS; each file can override the previous one. It's all the same to the game, it just reads UDKGame.ini. The only ones you really have to avoid touching, AFAIK, are the final ones like UDKGame.ini because they just get overwritten when the INIs are compiled (whenever that is).


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              Originally posted by Dragonov View Post
              What's the difference from a functionality standpoint? Or is it all the same.
              well, for the most part, it's going to be the same thing. BUT, if you tell it to remove a line in DefaultEngineUDK.ini, but that line isn't added until it processes DefaultEngine.ini, then it's not going to have any net effect. If you're adding lines, it probably won't matter, but if you're changing or removing lines, it does matter what order it's processed in.


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                Blade, your replies here (mostly the first one) definitely clarified how the config hierarchy works, but raised some other questions for me:

                1) It seems like the appropriate scheme for version controlling the config directory is to exclude all of the UDK*.ini files, and let them get generated on the client - is that right?

                2) Is this stuff documented anywhere? I didn't see anything on UDN.


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                  Well, I found my own answer to question #2:

                  As for question #1, after looking at it some more, I'm pretty sure that is the best way to go. I'll roll with it unless someone tells me otherwise.


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                    That's what I do, is version control the Default* files and not the UDK* files.