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UDK Competition / Portfolio Rendering

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    UDK Competition / Portfolio Rendering

    In the future, I want to render out high quality images from a game engine to show off in my portfolio or in a competition (i feel like mental ray is cheating). A lot of people use the Marmoset Toolbag, and I don't blame them. But, I know I can pretty much do everything I need to and more in UDK, EXCEPT the following:
    1. Take custom sized screenshots: anywhere from 512 to 4096
    2. Anti aliasing: I think this one may be easy, I just forgot which setting it's under
    Also, I want to make all the material's myself. I spent most of today making a skin shader. Since I'm not cool enough to make a custom light solution, I'm using the phong shader with some transmission. Critiques and comments are very welcome.
    I made an ambient cube map as an attempt to get as close to HDRI lighting as possible.

    Post your image with the cubemap in the background, so that we can see how close the HDRI lighting is compared to the cubemap

    Or maybe it's just an abstract image to test it?

    For question #2, you could always force AA in your graphic card settings


      For large screenshots, use tiledshot. E.G:

      >setres 1024x1024w
      >tiledshot 4

      Should give eyou a 4096x4096 screenshot.


        cool, thanx for those tips.
        as for posting the cubemap in the background, I won't really be able to because I'm not entirely sure what's the best way to apply it to a mesh in Skydome form. I'm going to keep experimenting with my material, but here's what the regular cube map and the blurred cube map look like.

        edit to add: I want the material to be light ONLY by my cube map, with the option to add lights to the scene still available. what the best way to go about doing that?