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    In the UDK base folder is a folder called Engine\Localization in which you find INTernational, KORean, CHiNese and JaPaNese translations. You could copy all INT-files, give them a proper file extension for your language and start replacing the translations with your own.

    Then you just need to find the property in some INI where you decide which language files are used and set it to your language extension.
    If something is not available in your language extension (because it might be from a newer build and your translation was for an old one), it will fall back to the INT translation.

    Actually a nice idea, I think I will make a German translation, although I will stick to the English one for myself, simply because creating games in German would just feel somewhat strange.

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  • started a topic Non-Official Translation

    Non-Official Translation

    Is it possible to translate UDK's UI by one-self?
    Was thinking in doing a Portuguese version of it.

    Just some text translation, nothing too fancy.