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    Free 3d models

    hi all

    not sure if everyone is aware of this site

    they have 25000 models free to use in non commercial projects.

    prolly some small print somwhere but i havnt looked that hard.


    just looked and you can use the models commercially

    By downloading 3D model you are agree with:

    1. This 3D model is provided "as is", entirely at your own risk.
    2. doesn't accept any claims regarding quality of 3D model or any standards conformity.
    3. This model may be used in any commercial way only if it is a part of artwork or project. Single reselling or redistribution of this model is prohibited.
    4. This model may be freely modificated or elaborated.

    Remark: The models are provided in *.3DS and *.GSM formats. The basic ways of use are 3D Visualisation, Interior Design, Architectural Visualisation, Landscape Design, 3D Animation and 3D Art.

    There is also, where they allow different kinds of usage licenses to choose from.

    This is for example the filter for unrestricted use, means you can use it in commercial projects as well and they usually offer many different formats to choose from.

    You just need to register to download them, I think.

    But on both sides you have to keep in mind that the models are usually not created with the gaming aspect in mind, means they usually have a very high poly count instead of using Normal Maps and the like.


      So, with that in mind, that means one would have to lower the poly count, and make them use normal maps instead?


        Yeah, but at least in Blender would lowering the poly count mean to do it by hand because the Decimate modifier would break the compatibility to the old UV layout.