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    Well, my IT teacher always wants us to draw structure charts, flow charts, pseudo code or UML charts in order to plan our code before we actually get to the coding part. That's nothing for me, I always plan right while I am writing the code, but maybe such charts would help you?

    You can draw lines and whatever you want to get the rough order first. You don't even need to write the explicit code in the beginning, it's totally fine if you just write stuff like "sort the array" and care later about how to actually sort it.


      It's weird. I had a great professor in my college that help me understand programming language. I did Java and C# before, but my skills were sketchy. After my professor broke it down in super simple language, I was breezing through assignments like a madman. Other professors and even the books didn't help as well as this guy did. Sometimes, you need a good tutor who can break it down, not only in your language, but in your dialect also.


        Well that is so true, i never thought of just drawing it out. Well ill ask my proffesor for some tutoring so i can understand it a lot better. Thanks for the tips guys i really appreciate it.

        My problem was that i sort of just jumped into Unreal Script and tried to self teach and use tutorials which was probably a bad call on my part.


          I have the luck that my IT teacher at school used to work as coder for Radon Labs years ago.
          He didn't teach us something game-related and handles the subject like any IT teacher would probably do (like a science) and for those who still didn't understand the concept of coding is it sometimes hard to follow his instructions, but he's very open minded for game concepts and encourages us to keep playing around with code. Because if you lose the child in you and stop playing, you actually shouldn't do any programming at all.

          Wise words. You have to enjoy coding, you have to have fun with it. It's the power to be a god after all.


            True, coding is a sickly happy feeling. Sickly in that you hate not getting it work, but happy when it does, and you create something AWESOME!! like parkour.