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Wanting to start a project need "help"

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    Wanting to start a project need "help"

    Was going to start a community "run" project. It would be a FPS game called Community Bloodshed. Currently have a basic "ideas" form here

    Had some questions about the UE engine im not too sure about:
    1: UE is free till i start charging right?
    2: IF/When it makes it far enough for "retail" what cannot be included? (I'm referring to the UDK default elements, such as scripts and models and such)

    ive done some level creation with UE but i haven't really touched the programming side of things that much.
    Where could i get books/online guided for beginner and Scripting/Level Creation

    The licensing terms can be found here:
    Basically, as long as you have no income from UDK(Including income from banner ads and such on a website which exists to promote your UDK project), then you owe them no money.
    Originally posted by Commercial Terms
    UDK related revenue includes, but is not limited to, monies earned from: sales, services, training, advertisements, sponsorships, endorsements, memberships, subscription fees, rentals and pay-to-play
    Also, check the FAQ
    Make sure that you're not releasing an open-source or OGL product.
    Originally posted by Licensing FAQ
    Q: Can I release a UDK game as open source?

    A: The rights to develop and release a game for free are contained in the end-user license agreement (EULA). The EULA is also the license that governs the release of your game as it's built on UDK. You can't release your UDK project under terms other than the UDK EULA (like GPL, LGPL, open source, etc.). You don't have the right to encumber the UDK with terms that we have not already granted to you.

    Also from the FAQ page:

    Originally posted by Licensing FAQ
    Q: Can I release a noncommercial game that uses the “Unreal Tournament 3” assets included with UDK?

    A: Yes. You can use UT3 assets included with UDK for a noncommercial game, but not UT3 assets not included with UDK.

    Q: Can I release a commercial game that uses the “Unreal Tournament 3” assets included with UDK?

    A: Yes, with one exception. You may not release anything marked as a SkeletalMesh in the Content Browser in a commercial UDK application.


      thanks for the info, its what i thought i just was not too sure, thanks for the help.

      Now if i can find some kind of series on programming for UDK that would be great lol, i was waiting for that one programming book but it keeps getting pushed back.


        Here's another thread by someone who was just begining in Uscript. There's a few good links there.


          so, If you release a free game but accept donations...Does that count as income?
          I aint doing that...just wondered


            Yes, that is income.