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    slope elevation

    Hi Guys,

    I'm new to UDK so sorry if any of my questions seem stupid.

    Im just messing round with creating mountains, what i want to do is be able to spend at least a full minute traversing down the mountain.

    this could be either a snowy mountain or a rocky mountain all applies.

    vehicle either bike/car/sledge/board.

    my questions where is the setting to say that a hill is too steep to climb/fall
    also how would i go about getting my vehicle to stick to the floor. <--planted on all wheels, but still be able to jump etc.

    Thanks in advanced, its a great site, and there seems to be a lot of friendly helpful people here, keep up the good work.

    Well, if you want the game to take a full minute to get over the mountain, then make it so big.

    A slope is too steep when it's too steep, you don't set such a thing in script. I think more than 45-50° can't be walked on by Pawns.

    Don't know how to get it to jump afterwards, but UT2k4 had a mutator that enabled all wheeled vehicles to be able to press themselves to the ground so that they could even climb 80° mountains and jump on release:

    class MutWheeledVehicleStunts extends Mutator;
    var config float MaxForce;
    var config float MaxSpin;
    var config float JumpChargeTime;
    function bool CheckReplacement(Actor Other, out byte bSuperRelevant)
    	local ONSWheeledCraft V;
    	V = ONSWheeledCraft(Other);
    	if (V != None)
    		V.bAllowAirControl = true;
    		V.bAllowChargingJump = true;
    		V.bSpecialHUD = true;
    		V.MaxJumpForce = MaxForce;
    		V.MaxJumpSpin = MaxSpin;
    		V.JumpChargeTime = JumpChargeTime;
    		V.bHasHandbrake = false;
    		//easier to get big jumps so make it harder to get an award for it
    		V.DaredevilThreshInAirDistance *= 1.5;
    		V.DaredevilThreshInAirTime *= 1.5;
    		V.DaredevilThreshInAirSpin *= 2.0;
    	return true;
         FriendlyName="Stunt Vehicles"
         Description="Players can make the wheeled vehicles jump. Hold down the crouch key to charge up and then release to jump. They can also control wheeled vehicles in mid-air."
    This doesn't tell you anything about how to set it up in the vehicle code, though. :>


      ah im guessing that im just going over the top with the steepness of the slope.

      im just wanting to be able to have a sledge go down a mountain and gravity work as it should, ie hit a bump fast enough you get a bit of air.