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Marine character download and test

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    Marine character download and test

    I have made and uploaded there a simple sci-fi light armored marine character with some basic animations,green forest camo colors and extra rock camo maps.

    I exported it as .fbx from max 2011 (with smoothing groups export checked)and i have nt seen it yet in a Udk level because i am new.
    You can use that character wherever you like-if you make it work.

    Upper body is separate and must be attached to legs through game scripting,like the rest accessory attachments it has like-armor,shirt,wig,helmet.belt (can hold two grenades),a simple rifle weapon with second barrel as grenade launcher,and two grenade projectiles.

    If you have some time,you can see some other stuff i ve made for fun there

    one question with this attached to legs through scripting

    you mean attach the accesories via scripting in 3ds max or udk?


      In the game script.I know i should have done the man a solid mesh,but now i finished it.
      The armor belt and shirt are nt completely rigid (more than one bone link is used) so i exported them animated.

      If you do nt know which skelleton bones and mesh is to export in the max scene (if you use max)
      then you can use the .fbx and import/export only one object and its skeleton at the time.
      You wont see the whole character untill you run the level,but this way you ll have the right bones for each objects to export.

      Every time before i export the mesh in max i deleted the unused hierarchy bones that were linked to the same skeleton.


        oh well now i got a problem with the anims my 3ds max max keyframe thing is 100 so after i get to the 100 keyframe i cant move to the rest

        and i deleted 1 bone becouse udk was saying someting about a duplicated bone but

        i imported all the model pieces to udk i exported the idle anim and the caracter doesnt move


          The anims are from frame 0 to 1020.
          The time slider should count up to 1020 to see the frames after 100.
          In idle he does nt move,i set him stand still.

          If you mean he cant move in space in game,its the script.
          The anims for use start from frame 15.
          Frame 0 pose is just to know how it was in default pose (except the right hand which has closed fingers).
          I would nt delete anything from the fbx if i import just one object at a time.


            i exported the idle anim from 15-70 i imported it to udk i opened the model body in udk and as extra mesh i selected the rest of the accesorys legs etc but the caracter doesnt move


              If the objects are scripted to be attached like vehicle turrets (that will not rotate around ) to the master skeleton socket bones it might work.
              I should have all bones on one skeleton,but i originally made it for ogre engine that works with these kind of skeletons.