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    fantasy wars

    hi can you tell me what you think of the idea i have for a online multi player game this is just a bit of the game play but can you tell me what you think.
    i have not include the move bit or the fighter's specials power or ability's or the advantages and disadvantages of the lands that they fight on. its a turn based strategy game this is the combat part.

    Frankenstein is on one side and a vampire a zombie, elf, goblin on the other side

    Frankensteins power 8 defence 8 hits 3 damage 3 cost 260
    vampire power 4 defence 5 hits 2 damage 2 cost 60
    zombie power 3 defence 3 hits 1 damage 1 cost 40
    elf power 2 defence 3 hits1 damage 1 cost 25
    goblins power 3 defence 2 hits 1 damage 1 cost 25
    how to play.
    lets say they are all with in 3 foot of each other and they can all hit each other
    first roll to see who gos first say vampire wins vampire rolls 2 dice to see if he hits or miss he gets a 9 so its a hit. he rolls 1 dice he gets a 6 add that to his power so he gets a 10. Frankenstein rolls 1 dice for his defence he gets a 3 add that to his defence he gets a 11 vampire no damage.
    zombie roll 2 dice gets a 5 he gets a hit. now he rolls 1 dice gets a 4 add that to his power 7 no damage to Frankenstein
    elf gets a 2 and miss he needed a 5 or more to hit.
    goblin rolls 2 dice gets a 7 he gets a hit rolls one dice gets a 5 add that to his power 8 no damage
    its now Frankensteins go He needs a 11 or 12 to hit he rolls 2 dice he gets a 11 now he rolls 1 dice he gets a 3 add that to his power 11 he hits vampire. vampire rolls 1 dice he gets a 4 add that to his defence he gets a 9. he has 2 damage but Frankenstein can hit with 3 so he kills him
    zombie elf and goblin cant do anything they all die
    there are to be 100 characters its called fantasy wars. what do you think

    Sounds like you need to make a board game (bored game?)


      Sounds like you've put a lot of thought into it already which is great, but you might not be too intimate with a game development pipeline. That can be fixed!

      This guy has an awesome website which explains a lot about how a game is made from an idea to the store shelf, and also a lot of misconceptions/myths/secrets/etc - - There a tonnes of articles down the left hand side.

      First thing you should do is write a design document that will help you find areas you hadn't thought of yet and document properly the areas you have. Here's a great write-up about proposals ( and game design documents ( -- There are more examples out there so Google Google Google!

      Also you might need to change the name. Fantasy Wars is already a Russian turn-based strategy game. But that's no big deal.

      Good luck!


        I see how your idea works, but I think you'll start to run into a lot of the same problems that WoTC did with Dungeons and Dragons games.
        With game engines, there are no dice or rounds.

        Your idea sounds very basic and easy... as long as you are playing a table top game with dice and paper.

        In an actual game engine, you'll need to custom script everything from the dice rolls to the combat rounds. Creating a random number between 1 and 6 isn't very hard. But, your idea would require constantly checking to see if you are in a combat state. If you are in a combat state, pause the game and open a game menu. The game menu will have the different combat options such as Attack and Flee. On button press, unpause only the one player and perform the attack or flee animation. Generate the random numbers for the attacker. Generate the random numbers for the defender. Apply any damage. Decide who goes next (What decides who goes next in the code?), If it's a player, repeat the above steps. If it's not a player, have the AI decide which button is pressed...

        That's a mile high view and chances are yours would wind up considerably more complex.
        If you're looking for an easy game to make with the UDK, that's not it.
        You'll definitely need a good scripter.


          i don't even .. ??


            there is a move shoot and a attack when you mouse over a player.
            when you click a player you see there stats.
            if you attack you roll a dice and who you are attacking rolls a dice at the end of the attack if you cant attack you get one attack per fighter it is there go


              Sounds like a board game.