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Vehicle Mesh Questions

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    Vehicle Mesh Questions

    Hey everyone! I hope no one posted this yet but I have a couple questions about vehicles in UDK.

    1. Can I use any mesh that I got an turn it into a vehicle a player could use?

    2. Epic claims that "any SkeletlMeshes" are copyright them and I cannot use in my game, so does that mean that I can't make a game in which players can ride a vehicle?

    3. Any ideas how to create animations for my models? ( I mean is there a special editor in UDK that I have to use or should I make the animation in a third-party software and import it along with its animation files?

    3a. If I have to use the UDK engine how can i make certain parts of the model move? ( Ex. I have a tank model [A1 Abrams I believe] and I'm wondering how to make the turret spin [ as viewed by someone watching the tank from outside] or make the tracks [ I think their called tracks] spin/ move?)

    4. In AFF Planetstorm ( which is pretty much what I'm comparing things to) when a tank/truck blows up, all it leaves is a molten "hull" that seems to be burning. Do I program that through Kismet or through UnrealScript? And when a plane/helicopter or whatever else that flies blows up, it kind of smokes, falls and explodes ( not really explodes but close enough) and I didn't see this in the demo game that can with UDK (when the AI enemy flew in the helicopter thingy, not the hover car).

    5. (Not related to vehicles) Any ideas as to how to make a bomb?

    6. In the Matinee thing, I saw I can't make my films longer than 5 sec, is this true?
    6a. If I use Kismet, can I program one matinee after another to make it seem as if the film(s) were 10 sec instead of 5?

    Thanks in advance for any help I get, I have been wondering for a while, and as you are probably wondering why I don't just test it myself, its because I'm trying to make a game by myself ( Mercury Zone ) and I also have things from school, ( projects, assignments, church stuff for comfirmation) and extraciriculum activites ( Kumon, WHICH I HATE!! , and swimming, which is cool! ). Last thing I wanted to mention is that any voluntery help is greatly appreciated, but I cannot offer you money or help/experience. If someone like agentfx, or Blade[UG] or saymoo want to offer daily or such support ( be on the forums and whatnot to help answer any questions) it would all be greatly appreciated.

    ~CEO of VAB Entertainment
    (Too bad we don't exist yet )

    im pretty knew to udk myself,had it about 4 weeks but will try to answer your questions.

    1.yes, you can turn any mesh into a vehicle.

    2.epics origional skeletal meshes are banned if you are selling your game.if you give it away you can use everything that comes with udk.

    3.not got that far myself. sure its possible,not much that isnt.

    5.not yet.

    6.move the red triangle to animation make your anim longer. need.see above.

    hope this helps.


      3. you need a 3d program eg max, maya or blender, other work as well
      4. unrealscript plus a little on the animtree
      5. lots of ways but mainly unrealscript
      6. have a look at some of the MakeSomethingUnrealContest matinee videos


        Ty guys, but now I have another question! I have blender, but i had to use a special blender pluggin ( not included with Blender normally ) to turn a model into .ase or .asc as UDK requires, so to turn some of the models already in the UDK back into .blend ( I'm a one man project as of right now, so I'm not sure how much of the graphics I can/should change) I might need another pluggin. Anyone know if I can just import the stuff or what a pluggin like this could be ( for blender ). Ty again everyone.


          As far as I know, Blender has .fbx export plugin which is a supported format in UDK.


            K ty Wolverine! Just checked it and it does. Now. . .while we are speaking of graphics, . . . anyone wanna ummm 'donate' some graphics? Or maybe a cool start screen image? I'll give credit if I go commerical! ( I hope I do go commercial!)

            ~CEO of VAB Entertainment
            (Too bad we don't exist yet)


              Well, with vehicles, there is very little you need to animate. The only animations you need to do are if you do a flying vehicle and you want to animate the landing gear going up into the hull. Other things like Wheel Rotation, and Turret Rotation are handled by the engine automatically. I really, really, REALLY recommend GeoDav's awesome video tutorials on how to make stuff.

              They can be found here:


              Dont be alarmed that the site says "UT3 Video Tutorials", I can promise you that the process is exactly the same for vehicles. I suggest you download the skimmer vehicles (because thats the only complete series there as far as vehicles go), and then retro fit the knowledge to whatever type of vehicle you are making, then also download and watch the video's related to the type of vehicle you are making.

              Taught me everything I know

              Good luck, and dont be afraid to ask for help.


                Kayle, thanks for the link, but most of the 'goodies' are on FilePlanet or w.e and i need to register. I don't want to register. Plus, I don't have money to spend cause I'm too young to get a job. but ty anyways for the link.


                  Oh man, you too? Dont they allow free downloads in other countries? I can get them for free.

                  No matter. Try going to this topic, GeoDav uses file front as the distributer, and is a bit less pushy than fileplanet.

                  And it's Kyle, btw


                    afaik you don't need to regist to download content from FilePlanet, i know it looks like you have to so just be careful and read before you click, i know it works as i've tested it by logging out and then dl'ing, i even done from other computers, though i have heard that some Countries or companies do block/filter if thats the case then i'm sorry