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UDK game failed run ..!

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    UDK game failed run ..!

    Hi all..
    This is my first post in this forum, I hope accept me as a friend, this will glad me

    I heard a lot about UDK, I dreamed use it and leave Unity3d when I read UDK manual, I realized that Unity3d is smallest than UDK and UDk has more powers than Unity3d.

    when I download and installed UDK, the first thing i think in is running the ready made game that comes with UDK which we run it from program files folder, but when the game loading it always give me an error and stop loading..

    I hope someone tell me the reason of this problem to solve it..

    what is the error?

    and why do you run it directly from within the program files folder, and not from the programs -> Unreal Developers Kit -> UDK-<version> -> Game - Unreal Developers Kit link?

    might also be useful to post your computer specs.
    (does it meet at least the minimum requirements as stated by Epic?)


      What is the error, and what is the hardware you are trying to run it on?


        when the UDK game loading, a popular message appears ask me " check problem online or close or debug "
        my hardware:
        PROCESSOR :3.7 GHZ
        VGA : built out ATI 512
        RAM : 2G


          oh, yeah, and part of the reason why the installer defaults to installing into C:\UDK\ is because it won't work right if you install to PROGRAM FILES in Win7 or Vista.