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    Kismet & Draw Text

    Ugh I should have put this into the scripting section.. sorry..

    Anyway, thanks in advance for suggestions. I've spent a good part of 2 days going through UDK tutorial videos, google searches, kismet tests, and trying to make this happen via unreal scripts with no luck. I'm hoping someone can provide some guidance for getting text to draw above and object, actor, pawn, etc.

    Draw Text is not working. I.E. it does not draw any text above the 'note' object.

    I have a successfully running simple level. ai-bot stands idle until he takes damage. He then shoots at the attacker until attacker no longer is alive. I'd like to display "objective" on a 'note' object that I've created.

    I started down the path of putting the text on a HUD, but not sure how to initialize one in kismet, but thought the "Draw Text" function should do it.


    Thanks again.