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Game Release: "I'm Not Crazy"

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    Specifically, Although this one is sort of relevant:
    In any case, thanks for those posts which I and my colleagues have accessed which were not directed towards us but the issues which had been addressed prior us having them.

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    Appreciate the thanks - was there something inparticular it was for, or just in general?

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    The game is finished for now. There are areas that need improvement, but the deadline is up and it stands as is.

    We didn't really alter the engine's gravity, so that must be more perceptual.

    The player will lose health for long falls, although as you suggest, it looks like the threshold could be adjusted.

    And yes, the camera zoom is instant with the mouse roll, and the orbit is a direct link to the mouse's position.

    Thanks for the input!

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    looks like a good learning project. Altho I think he IS crazy hah. What are your plans for this game, is it finished?
    I like the idea, the gravity seemed wrong, he can also jump down that huge cliff w/o dieing... its a lot of work eh? hah. The camera seems jumpy but maybe thats just the controls are instant vs smooth transitions.

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  • started a topic Game Release: "I'm Not Crazy"

    Game Release: "I'm Not Crazy"

    So, we spent about 5 months on this project called "I'm Not Crazy".

    It's something like an action/adventure RPG style game placing the player in the shoes of an unfortunate traveler accused of insanity.
    __________________________________________________ _______

    The project was created by a core team of 4 for a senior college project. We owe many thanks to this forum and the many people on it for helping us through our first game.

    If you want to check it out, provide feedback, talk about what you like, what you don't like then check out the wiki which documents a large portion of the game.

    *Disclaimer: This project was created on a $130 a month budget. It is defined by a specific deadline and stands as a product of these conditions. As such, there are many aspects of the game which are obviously incomplete or placeholders of more complete work. Play the game with these things in mind*

    Special Thanks to these people:
    Tom Shannon
    Solid Snake
    Joris Olde Bijvank