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    Originally posted by Castroy2009 View Post
    Thanks ffeejnosliw! I will read that doc.

    Its just a little overwhelming where there is so much to learn and I'm trying not to fill up my head since I have limited free space left up there LOL!!

    Could I get some clarification for your answer to questions 2 please?: It seems to me levels are huge maps in UDK. What if I just to import one small room, say like this one?:

    This would be the complete level with no skydome or any of that other stuff i see in the tutorial, like a movie set on a studio lot where they only build what the camera will be seeing and nothing else.

    It's not as simple as just exporting that over, for one, the materials in 3ds Max are completely different, which means you would need to render things to maps that need it and lower the polygon count to a more reasonable size, which also means rendering normal maps. Also, while the lighting in UDK is pretty good, it's not going to give results like that in there so you'd need to relight everything. Things just don't easily convert over.